Why Is There Blood In My Stool

    is there

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why is there blood in my stool


nash is definitely not well. i think it all started last night about 10 ish but i am not sure. tuesday night i came home briefly to pack my car full of stuff and stayed at bob’s leaving nash here with my parents… thinks always happen like this. i asked my mom if he got into anything and she said no… anyway, last night it started with a yellowish liquid stool with flecks of blood. this was at 10,2:40, and i think 3:30. at 2:40 he got me up to to go out and i usually feed him when he gets me up but eventhough this was early, i fed him. 10-20 mins later he threw up and just threw up again it is 5:30.
so i took off this friday and monday to go up to bob’s and finish the nursery and wash baby clothes and balnkets, and cloth diapers etc… now i do not know what to go. i do know that nash is going to the vet’s tomorrow and I am getting another day off work because i am not leaving him home like this. saturday is bob’s birthday and we were going to go out for the day. a long day… i already thoguht it was a bit long to leave the boys but now it will be impossible. bob will have to go without me for this birthday. DAMN IT!!! why nash and why now?
this batch of food i made is a bit richer than the last ones so that could be it, i bought new treats but i made sure there was no chicken in them but that could be it, he thre up wobenzyme from his last meal that was at 7pm yesterday so maybe they are not agreeing with him??? well i left my sick boy alone upstairs so i better go.
i know everyone is in needs of good healing thoughts and possitive energy with plush’s passing, and zooie’s diagnosis but if you can find a little extra, we’d appreciate it.
i forgot nash’s bowl at bob’s so i have to hold this bowl between my feet so he can eat without having to follow it all over the kitchen.

" i feel icky… "

" i feel icky... "
Tre did great at the Vets… We won’t get the results from the stool sample until tomorrow. Other than that, everything else appeared normal on physical exam. Teeth looked good , temp fine, eyes, ears… lymph … all good… He had his Rabies and distemper shot . Maybe this is why he is even more lethargic . He is sleeping in his carrier and has been resting since we got home. He isn’t locked in there , he just likes to use it as one of his beds. She said that she didn’t think a lymes test was needed or blood work…. i don’t know… He really is not his self at all. Well, i will see what the stool results have to say. Still miss my other vet. But she was nice. Ahh still a bit worried. Thank you everyone for your well wishes!! xxx